No Deposit Casino Bonus In UK 2021

UK Slot Sites No Deposit Bonuses

If you are at home and want to play at online casinos, there are plenty of options. Many online casinos in the UK offer great games at decent payout rates. Moreover, it is also common to find generous bonuses, especially the type known as “no deposit bonus.”
In this guide, you will learn all that is necessary to play if you want the thrill of gambling plus the chance of winning a free bonus with no deposit required at a casino in the UK.
First, though, let’s check what no deposit bonuses are.


How Do They Work?

Since the beginning of online casinos, there is no doubt that the most overall marketing strategy is to offer players a bonus for every deposit they make.
That is precisely one of the tremendous benefits offered by online gambling, which makes them not only convenient but also more rewarding: the player can bet online with bonuses while also freeing himself or herself from going to a physical gaming house.
In simple terms, a No Deposit Bonus is basically free money that the casino gives players without them having to make a deposit beforehand.
Most of the time, these bonuses are offered when you register for the first time at the house, which will allow you to test out the casino before making a substantial commitment and before depositing any money.

Why Look For No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

Generous Amounts of Bonus Cash to Wager

Some online casinos offer their no deposit bonus linked to free spins instead of offering a $10 no deposit bonus, for example. That makes it easier for the casino to control which games players should play. No deposit bonuses are a way for online casinos to allow players to explore the site and try out some of their games that they wouldn’t otherwise.
Casinos offering these types of bonuses understand that players will be more inclined to later make real money deposits to explore the site and its casino games better by offering no deposit bonuses or free money. It’s a tactic that’s been used for years – and it works.

Game Type Or Title-exclusive Promotions

Some no deposit bonus promotions are only available for certain types of games or specific exclusive titles. That is a way for the casino to show players a new game that they might enjoy, thus offering means to test the waters before diving in.
Usually, a no deposit bonus casino in the UK will give these free bonuses to play on all the slot sections. Still, you might as well receive bonuses good for playing exclusively on card tables online. Other times, though, you might receive a bonus with the restriction to play only on one title. Then you have to fulfill the requirements and play on that title.

Opportunity To Practice Gaming In A Real Money Situation

Even though many people believe this, casinos are not entirely about luck. Sure, having luck helps, but practicing and developing skills is the main factor to be successful in playing slots or cards at an online casino.
Bonuses given out to players are a chance to help them develop the skills necessary to keep playing for real money. If you register at a casino and receive a generous amount of bonus cash, remember to use that opportunity wisely.
When playing with bonuses, pay attention to details of the game you are playing and try to pick up relevant information so that you can do well when you are playing with your own funds.
This is a helpful tip because players enjoying bonuses might sometimes play just for fun instead of figuring out that this is a learning opportunity.

How To Claim A No Deposit Casino Bonus in UK

There should be no difficulty attached to claiming bonuses wherever in the world you are playing. When playing at casinos in the UK, claiming your first bonus is also very simple as software functioning is made simple. As this might be your first time playing at online casinos, here goes a quick guide to help you:

Browse Through Our Top List

The first recommendation is that you browse through our top list of casinos in the UK. Since there are many options for online casinos in the country, we have curated a list of the top options so that you can find trusted sites right away.

Find A Casino With A No Deposit Offer

Among the top casinos, you can easily find those offering no deposit bonuses. Now, all you have to do is choose one of them. If you like to choose considering the variety of games, then take a look at which games each no deposit bonus casino offers. If your criterion is just the payout rate, then you can check that too.

Register Your Casino Account

Now you just need to go to the casino’s website and register. You will need to provide personal information and a valid email address for the casino to verify your account.

Unlock Your No-Deposit Offer

Once you are logged in, check all the terms for the no-deposit offer again and confirm that you want to get it. If there are wagering requirements, be sure to place the bets on the correct game.
Now that you have your bonus, you can start playing to discover many cool games and find out the ones with the best payout rates.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Types

There are some different types of no deposit bonuses offered by casinos, and it pays off to know which is which. Let’s take a look at the diversity.

Free Spins

The casino will give players free spins and usually specify which online slots the free spins need to be used on.
It is worth noting that this benefit can also be associated with other promotions and, therefore, it is worth knowing how online casinos usually offer free spins.

Welcome Bonuses

There is a lot of talk and writing about welcoming incentives. Most casinos provide these to new players to encourage them to explore games and pick their favorite slot machines or card tables.
When you make your initial deposit, you will generally be given a welcome bonus of up to a 100 percent match bonus. That means if you deposit $100, you will receive an additional $100 to play with. There may be wagering restrictions in order to obtain the bonus, such as betting on a certain game.
Some welcome packages provide incentives for subsequent fundings as well. Some casinos will pay you a bonus for each deposit you make until your fifth deposit. Only the first bonus is worth 100 percent, while the others have decreased values.


Online casinos sometimes offer so-called cashback, a bonus credited to players’ accounts to encourage them to continue playing.
Casino cashback offers can be given in a variety of ways. They are usually offered as a reward for winning at games or making a high-value deposit. They also serve as a refund when a player loses (for VIP and high rollers, usually). Thus, the player will still have some money in his account. This allows the player to continue playing.
For example, cashback can be offered when the player makes a deposit of a certain amount, e.g., “deposit $100 now and get 10% cash back”. The refund idea can also be activated when the casino offers a refund percentage of any loss at the end of the week. That is, if the player loses $200 in a week, the casino can credit $10 as cashback.

Bonus Cash

This is a casino no deposit bonus that sites give out to players for many different reasons. It is a bonus in cash that you can use to keep playing. It might come in different values and with different requirements.
VIP players might get these bonuses because they already play a lot, so the casino is helping them keep active.
Other times, casinos give bonuses for players to try out new games just added to the site’s collection. Then, the bonus needs to be spent only on a certain game.
Even further, returning players receive bonuses as an incentive to get back to playing with full force.
As you can see, there are different reasons no deposit bonuses are given to players, but all of them are in good faith so that players enjoy their time at the casino.

The Best Games For No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Slot machines
Slot machines are loved among players of online and land-based casino games.
Its straightforward functioning and the big winning chance are two of the reasons why slots are one of the most cherished options at casinos.
Slot machines are found in three different sorts:
– Classic Slot Machines
They have three reels, and each of them can have 20, 22, or 25 symbols. Then, three symbols are selected at random in each turn, and some of the available combinations can give a prize.
– Video Slot Machines
They are a more appealing take on the classic slots but nevertheless have five reels. Also, as a difference, these slots offer multiple pay lines.
– Progressive Slot Machines
Know that these are the big jackpot machines. Also, they tend to be big stars in land-based casinos. However, they do not have a fixed payout, and for every wager received, a portion is taken and added to the jackpot. Then, the prize grows until one lucky player gets all the accumulated prizes.
Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos.
The objective of Blackjack is very simple: the player must try to reach 21 points with their cards, or at least get more points than the dealer.
Furthermore, it should be noted that this game does not depend exclusively on luck. Rather, it depends on the strategies that are put into practice by the gamblers. As a curiosity worth noting, the house edge in Blackjack can hover between 1 and 2%.
One important aspect of Blackjack is that you are playing against a dealer (the table’s operator). Moreover, there is an 8% chance of both the player and the dealer going over 21 points.
As well as being considered one of the casino games with the best chances of winning, roulette is also one of the easiest games to master. That’s because you just put your chips on the table and then place your bets on the outcome of a single spin. So, if you hit the number, you win, and you get paid on the spot. In this way, many people bet on roulette to have a bit of fun.
Furthermore, it is important to note that there are two variations of roulette, and you will see how important this info is if you want to win.
– European Roulette
Know that this is the most popular variation, both in online casinos and land-based. With 37 numbers, from 1 to 36, and the number zero, the house has a 2.70% advantage over European Roulette.
– American Roulette
It’s also quite common in casinos, but it’s the variation that benefits the house the most. That’s because it has a 5.26% advantage over players. And besides, this is all because of one more number. In other words, before betting, note which roulette it is. American Roulette, for example, is composed of 38 numbers, from 1 to 36 and two zero numbers.

No Deposit Bonus Requirements

No deposit bonuses sound very good, but let’s check if they have any requirements before you claim them. This section shall cover all you need to know before visiting an online casino and registering to claim your bonus.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement might or might not show for no deposit bonuses. When it does, the wagering requirement makes bonuses feel less alluring, yet you are still earning money to play at the casino.
The wagering requirement works as follows when present. Assume you are taking advantage of the Pink Casino’s no deposit offer. It offers a $10 no deposit bonus with a 50x wagering requirement. That implies you have to bet 50 times the bonus amount before you can withdraw any prizes.
Although most online casinos do not have wagering requirements on free cash bonuses, you should always observe the terms and conditions as they may state that in order to claim your bonus, you will need to place your wagers within the first hour of registration.

Eligible Games

As already mentioned in this article, sometimes no deposit bonuses are only offered with the condition that you play a certain game. That condition will vary between different casinos, so you have to keep an eye out and find the casino with the best offer that suits your interests.

Withdrawal Restrictions

If you want to play with no deposit bonuses and cash out your winnings, you should do some research before you begin. Sometimes money from bonuses may only be utilized to continue playing at the casino.
Another point to consider when withdrawing your earnings from a casino no deposit bonus giveaway is that casinos may impose restrictions on the amount you may take from your bonus wins. When they do, the limitations usually vary between $100 and $1000. You should review terms and conditions before you begin playing.

Expiry Dates

Bonuses conceded to players, no matter the type, usually have expiration dates. When you receive a bonus, you don’t need to rush and spend all of it right away, but you also shouldn’t wait too long to enjoy this free cash from the no deposit bonus at the casino.
Pay attention to expiration dates on bonuses given by casinos and play accordingly to make the best out of them.

Can I Win Real Money With This Bonus

Yes, you certainly can. As already mentioned, different casino no deposit bonus promotions have different requirements for giving out bonuses. Usually, you will have to play a lot in order to claim the bonus, and sometimes you will have a limit on how much you can withdraw.
Even with such considerations, winning real money with no deposit bonuses is completely feasible.


What is the best online casino site in the UK?

There are a lot of great options for casinos with no deposit bonus in the UK. To find the best of them, check out our updated reviews which contain data regarding payout rates, bonus offers, games available, apps, security of casinos, and more.

What Is A No Deposit Bonus?

What Kind Of No Deposit Casino Bonuses Can I Receive?

The most popular types of no casino bonuses include free spins, welcome packages, cashback, and simply free cash. All of them are explained in detail in this article.

What Are No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Some casinos put wagering requirements on top of no deposit bonuses. These requirements tell players what they need to do in order to properly claim the promised bonuses. Each different online casino might list different requirements, so pay attention every time you register for bonuses.

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